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About Us


Chierika created LYL, after years of working in the corporate world and being unsatisfied with the selection of formal clothing available to women.

She recognised that clothing is so much more than just what you put on. It's a tool that shapes how the world sees you. Chierika created a brand that embodies confidence and  encourages women to be their best selves at all times.

LYL is a modern, independent fashion brand that provides unique alternatives to women’s tailored clothing. Our focus is fashion and empowering women to literally love the way they look, inspire confidence and be their best selves.

We create stylish clothing for the ambitious woman and aim to provide the ultimate work wardrobe for the corporate fashionista. We don’t believe in flooding the market with mass produced goods and focus on quality over quantity.

Our collections are ethically made, exclusive, and limited edition. We do our best to avoid wastage at all points of the product journey, have a strict plastic free packaging policy and are committed to doing all we can to keep our customers happy and encourage their growth.  


At the heart of all we do is the strong desire to empower women for success in all areas of life. We hope you like what we’ve created.

Welcome to LYL!

Chierika Onyuku-Opukiri's written name

Chierika Onyuku-Opukiri

Founder & CEO


Chierika Onyuku-Opukiri